Run Amok Racing, Inc. Begins!

Hi there! If you're reading this blog, you are most definitely a running geek and probably are still in your spandex from your last run, or perhaps your fancy  warm ups.  

I'm Ginger and I am a runner.  Please note I didn't say jogger as I don't want any food thrown at your laptop in utter disgust.  You have earned the title RUNNER.  I don't care if you're elite, or the last to finish a race.  Did you get out the door and intentionally move your body forward?  There you go!

My head is swirling with so many ideas for my FIRST blog post as a race director!  Should I tell you about myself? My vision for Run Amok Racing, Inc.?  Give you some motivational story?  As my running friends say, what happens on the run stays on the run. So grab your shoes and let's go!

I want to talk about poop.  

Yep, I wrote POOP.

We all do it. And on race morning, we really, really want to be regular and NOT do it during the race.  

But **it happens.  Sigh.  

My very first race at Bangor, Washington was a 10k.  I had the unexpected experience of explosive diarrhea just before the start!  There were two bathroom stalls and no hiding who just blew the toilet up.  I was so embarrassed and alarmed at what my body has only done in the past when I had a stomach virus. forward to now. For whatever reason, before the start of EVERY race, no matter how small, I will at some point be in excruciating pain waiting in line.  I've come to accept this about myself.  

How do we deal with this inconvenience? I mean, we can't just NOT POOP!  

I personally think the best thing to do to "practice" a race morning scenario is to sign up for races that aren't goal races.  Or...get a friend or two to go on a morning run the same time your race will start and start figuring out how your body reacts.  We all have patterns. It's up to you to figure it out.

Here's to porta potties and no lines!  Oh!  And baby wipes!

Keeping it real,