Race Policies

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Refund Policy
We do not issue refunds for races.

Please note that requests for deferral must be sent before the Wednesday of race week. There is a $10 deferral fee payment for any half marathon or under race and a $20 deferral fee payment for any race longer than a half marathon.

Switching Races

Race transfer requests must be sent before the Wednesday of race week. You can transfer into any race with open registration.

 Changing Distances

Please check at packet pickup if switching race distances is permitted at each race. Do not switch race distances without informing the timer.

Awards Policy

Overall winners will be announced after the race.

Age group awards are available for pickup at the conclusion of the race at the timing tent. Please check to see if you have won an award before leaving. Age group awards will not be mailed.

You can find the USATF 2018 rules here:


Packet Pickup:

You may have a friend pick up your packet if you are unable to attend.  Please check on each event's registration site where packet pickup will be located.

Shirt Exchanges

We allow shirt exchanges at all our races, after the race. There are no shirt exchanges prior to the race.  We cannot guarantee shirt size availability after the race.


Guaranteed Shirt Size
If you register for the race after the guaranteed shirt size date, your shirt is not guaranteed. Please check at the end of the race to see if there is a shirt for you.

 Course Closure
Time limit - Marathon – 6 hours

All Participants must be able to finish the race with in 6 hours (approximately a 13:43 minute per mile pace). Please check with each race to see if there is an early time if you are unable to maintain this pace. Please note that early starters are not eligible for age group awards.

Time limit: Half Marathon - 4 hours 

All participants must be able to maintain an 18:18 minute per mile pace.  

The course will begin shutting down at the 6 hour mark. Runners may continue on the course. Please follow all traffic laws. If you are unable to finish, please let a volunteer know.